Tri-Insulator Chandelier, steel, glass, 2022.

Lamp made from salvaged powerline insulators.

Installed inside the Lake Guy Dam Wall, as part of ‘Transitioning Bogong Village’, Monash University.

Building Antenna, site office, amplifier, local radio, 2022.

Radio made from a budget amplifier touching a steel structure.

Developed through ‘Canteen Residency’ alongside works by Chas Manning, Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West.

Peak Frequency, digital billboard.
Site-specific visualisations of public sound, displayed at Melbourne Square Crossing in 2020.
Winner of the Fivex Art Prize.

Anthroposphere: Melbourne, LP, 2020.

Music from air quality data.

Collaboration with Michael Kotsimbos, supported by the City of Yarra.

Black Box, aluminium, speaker, microphone, motor, 550 x 550 x 750mm, 2019.
Machine that amplifies its own noise.
Commissioned for ‘You Are Here’, Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West.