Daniel Kotsimbos

Artist working in transitory media. 

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2020 Yarra Anthroposphere, Data Sonification, City of Yarra

2020 Peak Frequency, Flinders St Billboard, Fivex Foundation


2018 BFA (Visual Art), Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Instruments of Life, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne

Public Art Projects

2018 Heart Imprint Brick, Swanston St Billboard, Next Wave

Group Exhibitions

2019 You Are Here, Melbourne Living Museum of the West

2018 Seven Paintings, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne

Performance / Set Design

2019 Precipitations, Grant Street Theatre, Southbank, Melbourne

2019 Dark Points, Mycelium Studios, Melbourne Fringe Festival

Curatorial Projects

2017 Drawing in 3D, VCA Artspace, Melbourne

Projections / Screenings

2019 Ropeworks Projections, Kinnears Ropeworks Factory, Due West Festival

2019 Band Stage Visuals, Strawberry Fields Festival

2019 Gordon Koang Visuals, Meredith Music Festival

2019 Gordon Koang Visuals, Melbourne Recital Centre

2015 Kangaroo, Precipitation & Enlightenment, White Night, Melbourne/Ballarat


2020 Fivex Art Prize Finalist

2018 Next Wave Art Prize

2018 Fiona Myer Award

2018 Majlis Prize Shortlist

Peak Frequency
digital billboards
1540 x 370 cm (horizontal wrap spectrogram)
330 x 1240 cm (vertical podium key)

Digital billboard visualisation of site-specific sonic patterns, to be displayed on the corner of Flinders Street and Elizabeth Street for the Fivex Art Prize, Melbourne, 2020 (installation pending lockdown restrictions).

Peak Frequency is a hypnotic representation of our urban space, reflecting and distributing what is already there in pursuit of encouraging critical awareness of the systematic and routine foundations of our public lives. The work is a spectrogram, time is represented on the x-axis, sonic frequency on the y-axis, and decibel intensity is colour.

Instruments of Life
Two kinetic objects that interact with each other, solo exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne, 2019.

Lamp (counteracting lamp)
ultraviolet bug light, anti-insect yellow light, steel, motor, cable
dimensions variable

Pickup (electromagnetic microphone)
inductor, cable
dimensions variable

Instruments of Life is an investigation into our primal familiarity with technology. This installation is made up of two key components. Lamp incorporates two distinctly different frequencies of light in motion: one that attracts organic life, while the other repels it. Pickup is a custom made microphone synthesizer array that detects and translates electromagnetic waves (emitted by Lamp and any electrical device in its vicinity) to sound.

Black Box
mixed media
75 x 55 x 55 cm

Feedback machine commisioned for ‘You Are Here’ group exhibition curated by Matthew Davis at Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West, 2019.

Rotating PA System that uses feedback as a means of addressing and responding to the specificities of site. Affected by the proximity of listeners and changes in atmospheric conditions, the sculpture amplifies the multiple resonances of the site's architecture, social conditions and environment.

steel, pixel map led, quadraphonic audio
dimensions variable

Interactive audiovisual performance incorporating light, sound, and viewer proximity, collaboration with Mitchell Mackintosh at Grant Street Theatre, Melbourne, 2019.

Stemming from John Luther Adams’ ideas on ‘Sonic Geography’, Precipitations is an immersive installation that uses light and sound to explore the interconnectivity of our ‘internal’ psychological space and ‘external’ constructed environments.

Dark Points
pvc piping, pvc wheels, rubber
dimensions variable

Set design for contemporary dance perfomance Dark Points by Die Angle at Melbourne Fringe Festival, Mycelium Studios, 2019.

The set was designed for dancer interaction and consisted of six moving walls that shifted through a backlit space in choreographed formations. The six walls were designed for the dimensions of the site; an industrial basement with gridded structural pillars. In doing this, the lighting of the performance was determined by the walls and their formations.