Daniel Kotsimbos

Artist working in transitory media. 

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2020 Yarra Anthroposphere, Data Sonification, City of Yarra

2020 Peak Frequency, Flinders St Billboard, Fivex Foundation


2018 BFA (Visual Art), Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Instruments of Life, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne

Public Art Projects

2018 Heart Imprint Brick, Swanston St Billboard, Next Wave

Group Exhibitions

2019 You Are Here, Melbourne Living Museum of the West

2018 Seven Paintings, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne

Performance / Set Design

2019 Precipitations, Grant Street Theatre, Southbank, Melbourne

2019 Dark Points, Mycelium Studios, Melbourne Fringe Festival

Curatorial Projects

2017 Drawing in 3D, VCA Artspace, Melbourne

Projections / Screenings

2019 Ropeworks Projections, Kinnears Ropeworks Factory, Due West Festival

2019 Band Stage Visuals, Strawberry Fields Festival

2019 Gordon Koang Visuals, Meredith Music Festival

2019 Gordon Koang Visuals, Melbourne Recital Centre

2015 Kangaroo, Precipitation & Enlightenment, White Night, Melbourne/Ballarat


2020 Fivex Art Prize Finalist

2018 Next Wave Art Prize

2018 Fiona Myer Award

2018 Majlis Prize Shortlist

As Seen on TV
T.V. set-top box, T.V. module, Clapper
dimensions variable

Autonomous circuit, 2018.

Existing as a circuit, the installation is comprised of three appliances operating in situ to one another within a defined space. Broadcasted T.V. is received and played in close proximity to a Clapper*, which is connected to the light socket of the room. Any clapping sound made turns on and off the light. The circuit is especially active during daytime scheduling, with talk shows and their enthusiatic studio audiences dominating.

*The Clapper is a home device marketed on daytime TV by the company As Seen on TV. It lets you control electrical appliances with the clap of your hands (or any sound between 10-20Hz).